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LDJ Live

LDJ Live is the performance name of Sound Aloud's Liam Price. Recently LDJ has taken steps to make him stand out of the crowd of traditional DJs bytaking his hand to performing Live as shown in the videos below.

LDJ Live Part 1

LDJ performing a live set. Recorded 13th August 2011

LDJ Live Part 2

LDJ performing a live set. Recorded 13th August 2011

Taking a keen fondness of sounds of a Dark, Dirty, Trancey and/or Hard Hitting nature, LDJ likes to experiment with various different styles. Originally a drummer back in the days of being a Metal purist, eventually taking interests in more industrial sounding rock such as Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. It starts to become quite clear why he got into production and electronic music! His influences moved to the more experimental sounds of Aphex Twin and Square Pusher before finding a love for Hard Dance and Trance which inspired LDJ to take to the decks and in March 2006 acquired his first pair of vinyl decks.

Despite taking to mixing like a duck to water, LDJ's heart soon turned back to the art of writing and creating music. Taking his hand to many different styles, his true desire is to perform live.

LDJ live is now armed and ready to perform at your venues and events. Offering a wide range of musical styles LDJ aims to entertain a wide potential audience. Please use the contact details on this site to have LDJ perform for you!